Finally after years of delay, we will soon be welcoming you back to The Photography Show presented by AIPAD. The fair, located at Center 415, 415 Fifth Avenue, is opened to the public from Friday, May 20th through Sunday, May 22nd. Once more, Gregory Leroy and I will present works made in Mexico from the 20’s to the 80’s, and hope you will find our booth as exciting as we do. During the twentieth century, a thriving artistic community produced native-born masters and attracted foreigners, all of whom depicted the extraordinary conditions of Mexican life. This year, we will display images created by Emilio Amero from the 1930s when he was working with the Julien Levy Gallery and the Weyhe Gallery. Also featured will be works by Yolanda Andrade, who since her career began in 1977, has captured the vital street life of the Mexican people, including the LGBTQ community. We also will present Armando Salas Portugal’s experimental “thought” images (fotografia del pensamiento) from c. 1970 and a selection of his large hand-colored images of ruins from the 1960’s. In addition, important works by key Mexican figures, including Lola Alvarez Bravo, Antonio Reynoso, Kati Horna, and Bernice Kolko will be on view.

For more information on the show and the robust schedule of speakers and presentations, please go to