Under the Mexican Sun

Booth D28
November 9 through November 12, 2017
Vernissage, November 8
Grand Palais, Paris

Edward Weston: Heaped Black Ollas, Oaxaca

Edward Weston: Heaped Black Ollas, Oaxaca, 1926, Vintage silver print, 7-1/2 x 9-1/2 in. (191 x 241 mm), unmounted.

This year, in collaboration with colleague Gregory Leroy, Charles Isaacs Photographs will feature vintage prints made by photographers working in Mexico. During the twentieth century, a thriving artistic community produced native-born masters and attracted foreigners, all of whom depicted the extraordinary conditions of Mexican life. On view will be important works by key Mexican figures, including Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Antonio Reynoso, Armando Salas Portugal, Kati Horna, Augustin Jimenez, Gabriel Figueroa, and Nacho Lopez, as well as by artists who found inspiration in Mexico, such as Edward Weston, Tina Modotti, and Paul Strand.